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Cheeky’s new site January 2, 2009

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Hi All,

My mom Leslie has created an updated and independent blog for me! I will not be posting here anymore. You need to go to my new website

Be sure to visit my new site, and leave me comments. Tell your friends too!



Cheeky jumps for honeybaked ham December 31, 2008

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Mom went to a Christmas party on Christmas day and came home with a ton of leftovers. And the best, I got to try ham. I had no idea how yummy ham was. Oh, salty, and sweet, I need more ham! I’m already getting hungry thinking about it.

I can jump really high. Mike N was not always playing fair because although I can jump really high, he would take the ham away just as I was going to reach it. Mom told him to stop and I was able to get it. When can I get more ham!?


Cheeky’s first Christmas with Leslie December 24, 2008

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Hi All,

I am a lucky dog. Even though I haven’t been the best this year (recall peeing on the bed), Santa (mom, Leslie) spoiled me this year. This was my first Christmas and I got all kinds of treats. Mom had a small dinner party on Christmas eve and made a yummy roast beef. I got roast beef and got the bones after to nibble on. Mmm. Don’t you love rib roast bones?


I love rib roast. Leave me alone for a while.

I love rib roast. Leave me alone for a while.

Then after all mom’s friends left, I got to open presents with my doggy daddy, Mike N. Mom’s friend Mike M also got me a present…poop bags! Mike M doesn’t like saving all the produce bags so he got me poop bags for when he watches me.


Cheeky opening a present from Mike M - Poop bags!

Cheeky opening a present from Mike M - Poop bags!

Mom also got me some doggy toothpaste and toothbrush because she says I have stinky breath. I can’t be perfect you know. And she got me some peanut butter treats and my favorite, a brand new red Kong! She filled it with honey roasted peanut butter for me to try out. 


Oh, what is this? A kong!?

Oh, what is this? A kong!?

I love honey roasted peanut butter in my new Kong!

I love honey roasted peanut butter in my new Kong!


I’ve been naughty December 23, 2008

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Hi folks, it’s been a while since my last post, couldn’t get to the computer because I’ve been locked in my crate. Oh boy, was mom pissed at me. Well, she was rightfully pissed since I pissed in the bed. I can’t help it, when I get frustrated, I pee in the bed. Mom’s been really busy lately and rarely home off in Modesto and Berkeley playing in the symphony. I’ve been getting out to go do my business and mom leaves me with treats and stuff but I want to spend time with her! 

So when she comes home and says hi but then takes out her clarinet again to practice, well you know what, that’s not ok with me. Then the high notes!? Pee pee in the bed time! I did it 3 times in the span of 1.5 weeks. I know, no excuses. That’s what mom thought too. So, no more sleeping under the covers on the bed. I was sent to my crate with just my sweater.

I think mom is still mad at me but coming around to forgive me. I mean, how could you stay mad at me for very long? And I know there are tons of presents wrapped under the tree waiting for me.

I’ll try not to pee in the bed anymore, but what can I say, I’m cheeky 😉 


Naughty Cheeky on the bed

Naughty Cheeky on the bed


Mike M dreams of Cheeky and Filipino Ladies December 18, 2008

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Last night I went to Blair and Mike’s place with mom. Blair and Mike had their friends visiting from Phoenix. They want to move to SF. Who wouldn’t right? Well, when mom and all went to grab a beer at the Pilsner, they left me at Blair and Mike’s place! All by myself. So I pooped in their house. Hehe. Guess Mike later stepped on it (because I camouflaged it on their rug) and all was a mess. Luckily I was already home with mom and she found out because Blair texted her. Not a nice text either. 


Well, I guess I stirred up something in Mike because he had a dream of me…

(i had) The weirdest dream with Cheeky in it – and I hella remember it vividly so I better tell you now!
So last night I had this dream and I for some reason was driving along the 280 with cheeky in her red sweater. So I notice that the Jetta is starting to run a little weird and that I’m losing speed. I notice that I am totally out of gas and my car stopped in the middle of the freeway. I get out of the car because I see there is a gas station on the at the next exit. I get up and start walking there and realize I left Cheeky in the car go back and get her. So we are at this weird 2 part gas station one being where the gas is and the other being a repair shop. I have to go to the repair shot to buy one of those gas containers but the only one they have is a beat up read tea pot. SO I am forced to get it and I open my wallet and see that I only have 10 bucks and I would only be able to get how ever much gas was left from the 10 bucks.
So I get the tea pot and buy like 2 pints of gas. From an old Filipino lady who has a lot of fur on and caked in make-up. So I’m all freaked out by her because she totally didn’t belong if this truckstop-ish gas station on the 280. So I go back to the car and realize I had left cheeky in the repair shop and have to go back to get her. When I find her she is in the corner on the shop under s purple blanket and the old Filipino lady is trying to put her into a crate and baiting her with transmission oil or something. I get her and I don’t remember what happens after that.
Just thought it was weird. 

Well, that’s it for now. Please leave some comments on how cute I am!


Today in Duboce Park

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Today was a fun day. I got to show off my new red sweater. It’s been cold in San Francisco and when my mom went to pick up some dogfood for me at Petfood Express on Market Street she also got me a sweater! Lucky for her it was 50% off 50%off so she got my cute little sweater for only $4. Don’t you think I look great in red?

Cheeky in red

In my new red sweater

So we took a walk with mom’s friends, who were chasing the 2 UPS guys around the neighborhood, and Mike to my favorite Duboce Park. You know, I’m such a lucky little dog as I live in the absolute best neighborhood in the best city. Duboce Triangle in San Francisco. Duboce Triangle has so many trees for me to sniff and places to sit back and watch everyone pass by. 

I digress, back to my trip to Duboce Park. We get there and there’s a couple of dogs I haven’t met before. There was THOR! Boy is he a big dog. I generally don’t like big dogs but this one was cool. He was mellow. I like mellow.


Thor and Cheeky in Duboce Park

Thor and Cheeky in Duboce Park

Only thing about Thor, he drools, boy oh boy. I’m used to people and other dogs cooing after me but that drool! He drooled all over my new red sweater! I tried to get one of mom’s friends to wipe it off but they avoided me with all that slobber on me. 

After the park we headed to my favorite local pet shop the Animal House in Lower Haight. Mom didn’t get anything for me this time. I got to meet Buffy, she’s a new mom…just had a huge litter. You can see the whole family on Saturday at the Animal House. I wonder if they’ll be available for adoption through Wonderdog Rescue. I’ll talk more about them in a later post. 


Buffy at the Animal House in Lower Haight, SF

Buffy at the Animal House in Lower Haight, SF

I better get going, mom has to shut down before going to Berkeley Symphony rehearsal. Ciao!


A walk to Duboce Park December 13, 2008

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I often go to Duboce Park with my mom or Mike. Yesterday we went with mom’s friend Minoo who is visiting from Hawaii. It was a really cold SF afternoon so I chose my green sweater to go about town. You can see me and mom’s matching outfits. I’m much cuter as you can see.


Cheeky the Pomhuahua and her mom Leslie

Cheeky the Pomhuahua and her mom Leslie



As soon as we started our walk down Noe Street in Duboce Triangle, a woman thought I was so cute and commented on my “fashionable” Christmas outfit. Minoo thought that was a riot that people just stop in their tracks to adore me.

It’s funny how I make people smile…just by walking down the street. We got to the park and none of my usual friends are there. 

I hope some of my dog friends from Duboce Park find my blog and upload their photos too. Yesterday I met Oti the pug. Oti is still a puppy. I like little dogs like me that like to run.